Our services

Busy Bees Packaging is specialized in co-packing of your products in different forms. Our services reach a wide range of industries:

  • industrial
  • cigarette manufacturers
  • retailers
  • pharmaceutics
  • cosmetics
  • food sector
  • manufacturers

Our expertise in assembly, packaging, inspection and sourcing makes us the most equipped specialist available to answer to your needs in the greater Montréal area.


Packaging Services

At Busy Bees Packaging, each packaging project is unique! All our solutions are tailored and delivered turnkey, in full respect of your brand.

Our process

  1. Preliminary analysis: From our first contact, we analyze your needs, your objectives and requirements of your product to offer you the most suitable packaging service.
  2. Raw material: You provide the materials or, if necessary, we look for the best packaging supplies for your budget.
  3. Design and optimization: We create samples that will serve as models, to ensure outstanding quality throughout the production. After approval, we set up a unique production chain, optimized to minimize packaging time, loss of materials and ensure best value.
  4. Execution: We manage the entire packaging process to let you focus on what you do best.
  5. Follow-up: We perform a tight quality control on arrival, throughout the production and upon leaving our premises, to ensure the satisfaction of your brand, your resellers and customers.



Busy Bees Co-packing puts its expertise at your service to enable you to assemble all kinds of finished products at the best value to you. Whether for a one-time production run or to assemble products from abroad, we offer a customized solution to assemble your products efficiently.

Assembling of non-standard products: You wish to produce a limited edition, but your production lines are not sufficiently flexible to meet this very specific need? We study your needs and design a unique production line to lower your costs.

Assembling products from abroad: Importing finished products from abroad can be more expensive to ship than a delivery of unfinished products. That’s why we offer all our clients the option to have their products assembled by our experts in Canada.

The benefits of assembly by Busy Bees Packaging:

  • 29 years’ experience in assembly of all types of products.
  • Flexible assembly lines to meet all your needs.
  • Assembling in compliance with Canadian quality standards and GMP practices.
  • Improved responsiveness to North American market requirements.


At Busy Bees Packaging, we know that controlling your costs begins with tight risk management of local purchases and imports. That is why we have implemented a turnkey solution for quality control in Asia, which allows you to minimize these risks as well as reducing your costs.

Our process

We study the exact nature of your needs and present you with a customized supply strategy. Depending on the import phase in which you find yourself, you choose the combination of services that best suits your needs.

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