Blister Packaging :
To attract attention and optimize your communications

Blister packaging is an innovative packaging solution and will catch the eye of your consumers among all the options available to them! This packaging is the favourite of marketing teams, as it offers enough space to insert your key messages. In addition, printing the card itself has a multitude of options that will allow you to create an impactful packaging, a real eye-catcher.

This packaging is the ideal solution for products with good sale value and will increase the visibility of your products on the shelves.

Processes of blister
packaging projects

The blister pack is a rigid packaging solution sealed to a card.


A protective plastic shell is custom designed by one of our partners depending on the shape, weight and type of product.


We add the cardboard you designed and we seal it all. Your customers have an overview of your product with a detailed description on the cardboard.


Result? A safe and original presentation, a more visible product that gains value in the eyes of your target customers.

of blister packaging

  • Single shell or double thermoformed shell
  • Ideal packaging for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or any product requiring special security
  • Clear plastic for more visibility
  • Option to add a manual inside
  • Ideal tool for sales promotion
  • Ideal packaging for the prevention of shoplifting
  • Versatility, to adapt to the preferences of your retailers: sale in display or suspension


  • Addition of bar code or expiration date on your package
  • Addition of coupons or promotional items
  • Addition of flyer inside the blister pack

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