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Given that the environment is a key global issue, it has become imperative for companies to put in place an action plan to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and engage their employees, partners, clients, and suppliers in the process.

Busy Bees takes its role as a member of the society seriously and has put in place a committee responsible for establishing environment-friendly practices throughout different departments of the company.

The committee’s main objective is the reduction of the company’s ecological footprint. The Ici on Recycle program initiated by the provincial government guides the committee throughout the multiple steps leading to a 90% or more rate of recycled waste. Ici on Recycle is a program that recognizes industries, stores and institutions aiming to achieve an important reduction of their waste volume and improve their global environmental performance. 

Busy Bees plans on reducing its present waste volume by half before the end of 2016 with the help of the 3Rv, including reduction of consumption at the source, reuse of components, recycling and waste repurposing. We aspire to push the limits of environmental practices in the manufacturing sector in taking action as a leader in green industrial practices innovation.  

We put considerable efforts in using water and energy responsively and invest regularly in top-of-the-line energy efficient equipment. Furthermore, we favor local and durable sourcing in order to minimize the impact of global transportation and support the local economy.

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