CFIA Certification Makes Foods Even Safer to Consume in Canada

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CFIA is dedicated to ensure that there is a safeguard for the consumption of foods, plants, and animals in Canada. Their goal is to enhance the well-being and health of all people and to maintain the environment and economy of the country.

CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certification is a license required for most of the companies that are conducting businesses associated with food. Food businesses that have obtained the licenses of operating their safe food business in Canada must seek timely renewal & on-site audits that guarantees the respect of food standards.

Need of CFIA certification in the field of contract packaging

Contract packaging is an overall process that demands the assembling of a good or product and organizing it for finalized packaging. It is also known as co-packing, which can either be simple or complex, depending on the type of product being packed.

Most of the companies of today are offering contract packaging food services to diverse clients across Canada. They are often operating as extensions to present food businesses. The type of packaging varies depending on the type of product or food.

These companies operating within the food & beverage industry must have a CFIA certification. Obtaining the CFIA standards proves that the company aims to promote safe foods for Canadians.

The certification also applies to food that is being packed and dispatched, and either imported to Canada or traded between the Canadian provinces. The job of a co-packer is therefore to ensure that the quality of a packed product doesn’t deteriorate while it is still reaching its destination.

Abeilles Busy Bees and CFIA certification

At Abeilles Busy Bees, we are known as a prolific contract packaging company that secondary packages foods and other such products for our respective clients. We handle the production line and packaging operations of multiple clients’ businesses. The work carried out by our team stands out from the crowd.

In the process of achieving expertise in our field, we became one of the only companies to have a CFIA certification for contract packaging services, including the secondary packaging of products containing meat & fish. The efforts and contributions required for achieving this crucial certification were unmatched, and that is what makes us stand strong in all of Canada as one of the best contract packaging service provider.

The demand for Abeilles Busy Bees and contract packaging in general has been increasing over the past few years. This is because most businesses, especially food businesses, are now trying to outsource their production line to other companies.

This is because they do not have to pay the cost of a facility or buy their own production or packaging equipment for running their business. They can simply turn up to Abeilles Busy Bees for managing their optimized businesses at the highest quality standards. Our entire team of CFIA-certified intends to undergo continuous training in order to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

The company has the potential and expertise to offer the best co-packing services to diverse customers. We are already operating with a heavy gush of clients and are welcoming more people to join the family of streamlined work. 

Our company is also proficient and certified to process products such as fish or meat. CFIA certification obtained by the company is a sign that we are amongst the best in Canada to provide this service.


Our CFIA certification sets us apart from our competitors and makes us a partner of choice for your secondary packaging projects. Therefore, if you are running a food business in Canada and are willing to lower your investment capital, reach out to our professionals at Abeilles Busy Bees.

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