Hardware retailer chooses Abeilles Busy Bees for packaging

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Hardware retailer chooses Abeilles Busy Bees for packaging
A large Québec hardware chain has chosen Abeilles Busy Bees for part of its production. The work requires precision and dexterity, and is doable thanks to skin packaging.

A large hardware retailer partners with Abeilles Busy Bees
When faced with a specific packaging project, the hardware chain chose to entrust the job to Abeilles Busy Bees. The project involves organizing and counting different items required in the assembly of a furniture item.

It is thanks to skin packaging and the expertise of the staff at Abeilles Busy Bees that this job is doable. This type of packaging offers an unbeatable flexibility in the presentation of the product and its pieces. Each of the packaging projects requires a customized template, according to the number of pieces, the elements to be featured, and the complexity of the product overall. The template allows for control and management of the exact number of items, in order to ensure a conclusive assembly experience for the client.

An optimal presentation for your packages
For packaging of unique products which require a complex solution, skin packaging offers precision, organization and stability so that the product and its elements are well presented.
The visibility offered by this type of packaging is complete. The wrap hugs the product and its shape with 100% coverage. This type of packaging can be inserted in boxes presently in use, or hung on a rack.

Perfect for the cosmetic, hardware, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors, skin packaging is the solution to your next packaging projects!

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