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Certification of good manufacturing practices (GMP) bestowed on Abeilles Busy Bees highlights the company’s expertise in quality control for production and inspection.

Pharmaceutical and natural health products at Abeilles Busy Bees
The GMP compliance certification is your guarantee of comprehensive quality control at Abeilles Busy Bees. This guarantee begins with our choice of suppliers and extends through our production process.

At Abeilles Busy Bees, quality is achieved through qualified staff, appropriate physical workspaces and factories, machinery that is up to code, documented processes, a traceability system, well managed storage, and much more.

Certification that goes beyond the norm

In the packaging sector, process quality standards are often adapted according to client demands.
At Abeilles Busy Bees, we go beyond the expectations of our clients by ensuring a quality level equivalent to that required for GMP certification. This certifications normally applies to the natural health and pharmaceutical sectors, but at Abeilles Busy Bees we maintain a superior level of quality service for all our clients who are operating in different industries.

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