Innovation, everyone’s business!

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At Abeilles Busy Bees, we firmly believe that a company’s innovation is derived from the knowledge, creativity and involvement of each of its employees.

That is why we are proud to say, that for over a year now, we’ve been rewarding our production employees every month for sharing their great ideas through our Idea of ​​the Month program.

In order to continually improve our production activities and our health and safety measures at work, the Idea of ​​the Month program was created. Since its inauguration, every month we have rewarded an employee who has formulated a constructive idea with a $100.00 check AND we commit to putting the idea into place within the next month.

A success!

To our delight, several improvements have been made since the beginning of the program. We normally receive several good ideas in the same month, making the decision of our committee very difficult. It is sometimes impossible to decide amongst the submitted ideas, so we make sure to reward each one of them, as it should be!

Today, we would like to thank each and every one of our employees who have participated in the program this past year and encourage them to continue sharing their suggestions. After all, it is because of you that Abeilles Busy Bees is a great place to work.

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