Paperless program at Abeilles Busy Bees

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Consumers are increasingly sensitive to the consequences of their consumption and it is estimated that 80% of Canadians are willing to compromise their lifestyle if this can help preserve the environment. It goes without saying that most households are now making an effort to reduce the volume of their waste by promoting ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’; but what about companies? Due to their large ecological footprint, it is our belief that companies should not just simply follow the movement but lead it!

Since its green shift , Abeilles Busy Bees has installed recycling bins in its administration and production areas. As a result, more than 430 metric tons of cardboard, plastic and paper are retrieved annually.

Today, we are enthusiastically launching our Paperless program, which aims to digitize most of our operating forms. From production sheets to procedural files and company standards to regulations, almost everything will undergo change.

In a similar vein, we have recently implemented an electronic payroll system that will save us 200 sheets of paper and envelopes per week. Although it may not seem like much, the equivalent of a mature tree will be spared each year. Imagine if all companies would do the same!

In an effort to continue this ecological transition, our next change will be to remove some of our printers and/or impose printing quotas per employee.

At Abeilles Busy Bees, we believe that by making small changes such as these, we can have significant impact on the environment.

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