The multiproduct, a strategy that works!

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Whether going shopping, on the road, or working on their computers, consumers are bombarded with advertising messages promoting new and trendy products that have recently come on the market. With this in mind, it is your job to help customers make a wise choice when facing a store shelf overflowing with options.

Combining products is perhaps the best solution for you;

  • Do you have a new product to promote?
  • Are you offering more than one product?
  • Are your products related, or complementary?

Did you know that the multiproduct strategy can be effective under different conditions? You may choose to employ this strategy in order to offer a “kit” option, grouping a range of products which are geared for the same clientèle, and whose use is complementary, or you may even choose to employ it to promote a new product, by combining it with your best sellers.

Multiproduct packaging allows for;

  • Competitive pricing on store shelves
  • Optimization of production costs
  • New marketing approaches

Offer your clients the simplicity of a full range solution which meets their different needs.

Think of the mother of a family who wishes to take advantage of price savings on multiple packaging, but who must juggle the different demands of her family. Offer her packaging which meets her needs with a perfect blend of flavours, and which also features the bonus of a great price!

At Busy Bees Packaging, we help you to execute your multiproduct strategy in several ways.  Call us today to discuss the best option for your products.

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