Top 5 Benefits of working with a contract packaging partner

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Top 5 Benefits of working with a contract packaging partner

1 – Less Upfront Investment 

Working with a contract packaging company lets you run your core business on your regular machinery while outsourcing different projects and products to qualified well-equipped companies like Abeilles Busy Bees.

We currently have over 10 different contract packaging services, ranging from boxing, printed film wrapping to blister and kitting using a variety of machinery. Check out our services here.


2 – Faster Turnaround

While you focus on your main activities, the experts of contract packaging can quickly take care of your packaging needs. Experts like Busy Bees focus manage their productivity levels in order to optimize the output of your products and provide you with a faster turnaround.


3 – Reducing Your Storage And Warehousing Needs 

Storage is currently one of the main issues manufacturing companies are experiencing at the moment. No need to store your products at the end of the warehouse while waiting for production. Contract packaging companies like us have a great planning team to ensure your trucks come in and out with products, optimizing your transportation and optimizing production. Storage time is minimal and you can quickly pick up your products and drive them directly to the selling points.


4 – Reduces need for workforce employees

When you work with contract packaging experts, no need to worry about shortage of working force. Our teams of working bees are efficient, quality-aware and productive. Also, limiting machine downtime by having a team of on-site electro-mechanical engineers & quality control.


5 – Represents sustainability & brand continuity

You have established authority and notoriety around your brand, the role of a great contract packaging company is to be the extension of your business and reflect a seamless transition in the life cycle of your products. This is why, Busy Bees is proud to be the best certified contract packaging company for secondary packaging, in Canada. We represent the highest levels of standards in the industry and are proud to be one of the first contract packaging company certified sustainable.



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