Abeilles Busy Bees wishes to demonstrate the best of its expertise, for this reason the descriptions of the certifications and standards are there to help you assess your type of request.

Introduction to certifications

Busy Bees has a firm commitment to quality, as evidenced by the various certifications that govern our processes and procedures: BRCGS (British Retail Consortium Global Standards GFSI), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices accredited by Health Canada) or BPF (Bonne Pratique de Fabrication)

In order to be accredited and maintain these certifications, Busy Bees applies strict quality procedures to all of its projects.



The ‘British Retail Consortium Global Standards’ certification was created with the aim of harmonizing food safety standards across the supply chain.

BRCGS certification was the first standard to be recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). As a packaging and assembly company, obtaining this certification ensures the highest standards of quality, safety and traceability associated with our production line. Our quality and safety program has been developed according to the principles of HACCP and is based on good manufacturing practices (GMP).



HACCP ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’, is an internationally recognized approach, method to ensure food safety that aims to improve food safety throughout the food chain.



As a secondary packaging specialist for the food and pharmaceutical industries, pest control is crucial. Efficient management, made up of regular tight checks of our facilities by pest control consultants, allows us total control of our facilities for very high-quality packaging.



The “Good manufacturing practices” certification in pharmaceuticals and natural health products demonstrates the quality of the processes implemented by Abeilles Busy Bees throughout the production chain of pharmaceutical and natural health products: preventive control, validation, procedures and written instructions, full product traceability in the event of a recall or investigation.