Reduce your costs

Investing in packaging or assembly facilities comes with a lot of costs: equipment and maintenance, rental, human resources, management costs, certifications, insurance, etc. Some companies still decide to carry out these projects in their own facilities, thinking of saving money. Even if at first calculations it may seem cheaper, few companies really take everything into account during this calculation. This usually means a significant drop in production, as often the processes are not automated. That’s not to mention the glitches that can sometimes happen, which could cause you to fall far behind in your production and dishonour a customer or make you miss a promotion. Companies that decide to do business with a co-packer are flexible and adapt more quickly to market demands, which adds a lot of value to these companies!

Increase your sales

Our wide range of secondary packaging solutions allow you to increase your sales in multiple ways:

  • With our blister pack, you will benefit from packaging that will stand out on the shelves and that will certainly lead to increased sales of your products.
  • Our shrink wrap solutions allow you to sell your products in batches, resulting in more product sales for every purchase your customers make.
  • The vacuum packaging service allows you both to sell your products in batches, to sell complementary products, but also to increase the visibility of your product thanks to the originality of this packaging solution.
  • Our Labelling service offers you the possibility of making promotional additions to your packaging, which ensures excellent promotion of your sales.

Looking for strategies to increase your sales? Your packaging solutions are an interesting place to start. Contact us now to benefit from our advice!

Enter major retailers

Large retailers such as Costco, SAQ, Walmart, large supermarket chains and hardware stores receive thousands of supplier inquiries each year. A small percentage actually manages to see their products on their shelf.

But did you know that the optimization of your packaging has a big role to play in this selection?

Large retailers demand a high volume of sales for your product, so it will be important to review your packaging. This includes, for example, the presentation of your product, multiproduct packaging, blister packaging, multi-format, all solutions that we can offer you.

Your co-packer: A partner in risk management

A simple and effective solution to ensure your marketing with little economic risk: hire a co-packer who will take care of your secondary packaging operations or even the assembly of your products.

Your co-packer offers you a low-cost solution to:

  • Adapt to the new needs of your market
  • Launch a new brand image – Explore new packaging formats
  • Comply with the standards of certain retailers
  • Reduce your production lead times

By subcontracting your secondary packaging or assembly operations to Abeilles Busy Bees, you choose a simple and advantageous solution: a conscientious company to help you in your marketing, respecting your deadlines and offering you products of quality, free of non-conformity.

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