Respect of deadlines: a necessity.

Our second promise is to deliver our customers’ projects within their deadlines.

As a matter of fact, our customers have chosen us as business partners in part for our ability to respond urgently, and we have shown them over time that they can count on us. We believe that meeting deadlines is closely linked to our commitment to quality.

We must do everything within our means to deliver our projects within the established deadlines: A delay in our production has negative consequences on the entire marketing chain of our customers. It is therefore imperative for us to have the best practices and methods to avoid situations that can cause delays:

  • Line managers: Each production line has a line manager in charge of ensuring that the projects run smoothly.
  • Any net change planning are reported to our Production and Operations Manager via our HIVE system and are subject to immediate review.
  • Electromechanical and industrial maintenance teams: One of the reasons that allows us to meet the deadlines of our customers is to count on our own team of electromechanical engineers able to intervene on the spot as soon as an adjustment is necessary while offering the possibility to adapt our machines to the specific needs of each project.
  • 2 shifts (day and evening) and possibilities of opening a third according to the needs of the projects.

As you know, for all your co-packaging needs, you can count on Abeilles Busy Bees. Choosing us is choosing peace of mind knowing that our teams will deploy everything needed to deliver your packaging or assembly projects in the best possible quality and within scheduled deadlines.