Our gluing


Thanks to our semi-automatic equipment, we are able to realize all your gluing projects. For example, this service allows you to quickly add or insert small packaging or promotional items on all kinds of media (flyers, magazines, packaging, etc.). This is ideal for the distribution of samples, coupons or any other types of promotional items or advertising material at the point of sale (POS).

Our gluing service also allows you to finalize the boxes assembly, and can be added at the end of our production lines, in addition to other services.

Adding decorative elements to your packaging is another example of what can be achieved by gluing. In particular, several food companies choose to put ribbons or loops on their products’ packaging for the holiday season.



You provide us with the samples you want to add to a media and your preferences for height, glue, etc.


We offer you several gluing options.


After approval, we design an optimised production line for the needs of your product. We can also add media or inserts to support your products and ensure optimal gluing.

of our gluing service

  • Semi-automatic gluing adapted according to the dimensions of the product
  • Choice of glue: permanent or removable
  • Gluing samples on any type of packaging
  • Large production capacity
  • Option to add advertising inset

For the last 30 years, Abeilles Busy Bees has been committed to support you in your projects of assembly and secondary packaging while providing an outstanding quality and meeting your deadlines.

Our gluing service is an essential complement for your promotional strategies. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you in your projects.