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Our labeling service allows you to make last-minute additions or quickly adapt to the constraints of certain markets by printing notices directly on the main packaging of a product. You can quickly print labels of any size, such as barcodes or promotional labels, without changing the primary packaging. Labels may be affixed to different places on the product.

of our labelling solution

  • Ideal for compliance
  • Option to put a white label to hide notices and adapt to specific markets
  • Perfect for all your labelling or relabelling needs
  • Precise application of labels
  • Integrates easily with any packaging production line
  • Partial or complete labeling option
  • We can carry out your labelling needs manually or on our automatic lines

Types of labelling

Labelling for new products

You are launching a new line of products and need to affix your brand label to prepare for marketing? We can do it for you!

Labelling of imported products

Once a product is brought into the country, it must comply with the labelling regulations indicated according to its nature.

By providing us with your label, we will be able to affix it to your product, providing you with a product ready to be sold at Canadian retailers.

Labelling of export products

In the same way as imported products, the products to be exported must have a product label written in the language of the importing country and according to the laws of that country. Once you have determined these specificities, you can use our production lines to proceed with the automated affixing of labels on your products.

Labelling for compliance

Several situations may justify the need to undertake compliance on its labels:

  • Complying with labeling laws is sometimes a risky exercise. Many errors may occur that require fixing the label affixed initially.
  • In the same way, sometimes companies outsource this part of the process to Asian countries and record several non-compliances once they receive the goods.
  • Legislation changes quickly, sometimes even before you have had time to dispose of your entire stock. You can rework your product by inserting a new label that is consistent with the changes.

Regardless of your situation, you can fix it with our automatic product labelling service!

Labelling of barcodes

Retailers sometimes have different standards from each other and may ask you to adapt your barcode accordingly. If that’s your case, you’ll know you’ll be able to count on Abeilles Busy Bees to paste new barcode labels.

Promotional labelling

Our labelling service can also meet your promotional labelling needs: adding discount coupon, multi-label, adding information, etc.

Create a multi-product package with your labels

By affixing new labels, it is possible for us to combine two products together, creating a multi-product packaging.

For the last 30 years, Abeilles Busy Bees has been committed to support you in your projects of assembly and secondary packaging while providing an outstanding quality and meeting your deadlines.

Contact our experts to discover the labelling solution that best suits your situation!