Our marking and printing service


Our automated solutions save you time and give you precise and consistent results.

Many customers add the laser printing solution in addition to our other services. Indeed, everything can be added directly to any of our production lines, which optimizes the process.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is perfect for all of your permanent printing needs. It can be done directly on the primary packaging or on the product. Inkjet printing is ideal for white packaging or cans and canned goods. Whether it is to meet traceability standards, the requirements of your industry or the regulations of your various markets, we offer you precise, fast and efficient printing.

Laser printing

Laser printing is also a solution for marking your products, but it allows you a more precise and durable finish than inkjet printing. The difference with inkjet printing is that the laser burns the surface of the packaging, leaving a crisp white mark.

Marking project process


You send us your products and specify the exact location where you want your laser or inkjet printing to appear


 We offer you a sample


After approval, we set up an optimized production line for ultra-fast printing or marking

Benefits of our inkjet and laser printing solutions

  • Automated printing
  • Printing on bottles, boxes, cartons and capsules (plastic, glass and paper)
  • Easily integrated into any packaging production line

Abeilles Busy Bees is committed to supporting you in your assembly and secondary packaging projects with optimal quality and on time, for 35 years now. By offering you its service for marking and printing your products, it ensures that all the information necessary to ensure the traceability of your products is included on them. If traceability is a major issue for you, you will appreciate the additional lot traceability service, offered in addition to all our co-packaging services.

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