In addition to respecting the deadlines of each project entrusted to us, Abeilles Busy Bees stands out by carrying out superior quality projects. This has been our reputation for 35 years.

Our high-quality standards are not the result of chance, but the result of careful planning to provide you with the best service.

Quality assurance department

We know for a fact that the quality of our projects is the most important aspect for our customers: non-conformity on the packaging of their products can hamper their marketing. Many of our clients have decided to call on Abeilles for this reason, asking us to rework their products that did not meet the criteria stipulated beforehand, and therefore did not meet the conditions required for sale.

Our quality assurance department is headed by an engineer who works every day to implement a culture of quality within the company: so that quality is at the heart of all our actions and especially that your products are delivered free from non-conformity


We carry out inspections to ensure the quality of our products. The intervals vary depending on the projects and their complexity, and are determined at the start of the projects in cooperation with the client.

Quality is not an act it’s a habit – Aristote

 Integrated management system SAP

The implementation of this system allowed Busy Bees to integrate its processes into a unified solution with the objective of providing you with more efficient planning, detailed reports and increased traceability data.

All inspections of our projects are documented in  SAP and classified by categories. For each project, quality critical points are already recorded verified and reported as conforming or nonconforming. Any non-compliance is subsequently subject to corrective measures.

Packing Sheet

Our priority is that each employee knows the correct procedure to follow for each project. Managing large-scale co-packaging projects takes more management than you might imagine. Indeed, the risk of errors becomes higher and higher as the volume of production increases.

Our packaging sheets are used to communicate all the details of secondary packaging or assembly projects to our employees. This is a checklist created for each project, where the content and quantity of each product is stipulated. Our packing sheets are one way for us to make sure everything is checked and compliant.

Our Traceability System

Abeilles Busy Bees, as a leader in co-packaging solutions, offers the batch traceability service, allowing you to quickly find a nonconformity or to trace the journey of a product following a recall. In less than 5 minutes, we will be able to inform you with precision of the route taken and the actors involved thanks to our integrated management software. You will even have online access to this information through our web portal!

Our certifications



As a secondary packaging specialist for the food and pharmaceutical industries, pest control is crucial. Efficient management, made up of regular tight checks of our facilities by pest control consultants, allows us total control of our facilities for very high-quality packaging.



The “Good Manufacturing Practices” certification in pharmaceuticals and natural health products demonstrates the quality of the processes implemented by Abeilles Busy Bees throughout the production chain of pharmaceutical and natural health products: preventive control, validation, procedures and written instructions, full product traceability in the event of a recall or investigation.