L’emballage sous vide:
Qu’est-ce que c’est ?


Skin packaging consists of hermetically sealing a plastic film to a printed cardboard card. This is an excellent packaging solution to maximize your visibility while ensuring maximum protection for your product. Since your product is attached to a printed card, it gives you additional marketing space to get your messages across, a bit like blister packaging.

Process of skin
packaging projects


Skin packaging cards are first designed and printed by one of our printing partners. Subsequently, based on a sample of your product, we create a template that corresponds to the layout you want for your products and for each of its parts.


After approval, we design an optimized production line to meet the unique requirements and constraints of your product. Your product is installed by hand in the template, then placed under vacuum, under a thin transparent protective film.


Result? In the blink of an eye, your customers see everything your product has to offer.

Benefits :

  • More economical solution than blister packaging
  • Maximize product visibility
  • Different sizes of products can be inserted in the packaging
  • Perfect for keeping a set of parts in the correct order
  • Protected products thanks to plastic wrap

Possibilities :

  • Ability to add product instructions or flyers directly inside the package
  • Versatility, to adapt to the preferences of your retailers: sale in display or suspension

For the last 30 years, Abeilles Busy Bees has been committed to support you in your projects of assembly and secondary packaging while providing an outstanding quality and meeting your deadlines.  We provide the best co-packaging solutions and we are always looking for new opportunities to innovate.

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