At Busy Bees Packaging, we know that controlling your costs begins with tight risk management of local purchases and imports. That is why we have implemented a turnkey solution for quality control in Asia, which allows you to minimize these risks as well as reducing your costs.

Our process

We study the exact nature of your needs and present you with a customized supply strategy. Depending on the import phase in which you find yourself, you choose the combination of services that best suits your needs.

Here are some of the advantages of being supplied by the Busy Bees Packaging network of professionals in Asia:

  • Niche experience in Asia-to-Quebec imports.
  • More than 20 years of expertise in importing from Asia.
  • A dedicated team of QA engineers in various sectors.
  • Reduced risk by choosing reliable suppliers.
  • Strict control of costs throughout the supply chain.

With Busy Bees Packaging, focus on what you do best! We’ll take care of the rest!

Phase 1: Sourcing

Our Shanghai office selects reliable partners and ensures execution of the following steps:

Enquiries: Our team draws up and monitors Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Quotes (RFQ).

Samples management: We send you samples carefully chosen to let you know exactly the type of product that each supplier is able to produce.

Price negotiation: Our on-site business relationships and our business expertise in Asia allow us to get value for purchases of products manufactured in Asia.

Prequalification of suppliers: We offer a shortlist of reliable suppliers (usually three) that meet the criteria you set in terms of quality, price and time frame.

Phase 2: Factory Audit

Once you have selected potential suppliers, we become your eyes and ears on the ground. With our internal grid quality verification, we ensure that the services offered by the selected partner are up to your requirements.

  • Quality control system: Our team visits the company’s premises, factories and equipment, to verify that it is able to produce by itself, without intermediaries, and that it meets the quality standards established by your company: production process, employee working conditions, compliance with safety rules, environmental protection, etc.
  • Production capacity: We make sure that the chosen company has the technical capabilities to meet your needs within the determined timelines.
  • Relevant experience: We make sure that the company has the required experience for this type of goods.
  • Traceability: We ensure that the chosen company has a traceability system which allows you to track production lots.

Phase 3: Inspection

Inspection is one of the most essential elements of effective import risk management. Without it, you are at the mercy of disparate Asian quality standards and defects that you may only notice once the products have been delivered. Our team is in ongoing contact with suppliers, to verify that production is done according to the highest quality standards required by your company.

Inspection: We inspect the finished and / or prefinished products to detect any breach of contract and / or manufacturing defects. If necessary, we require corrections and / or reject non-conforming products. In addition to monitoring production, we ensure close monitoring of deadlines to guarantee that the final delivery will take place on time.

Shipment consolidation: If you do business with several partners, we try to minimize your costs by consolidating shipments to North America.

Management of customs procedures: In collaboration with the manufacturer and your carrier, we take care of all import documentation leaving Asia and arriving in North America in order to allow you to focus on your business.

Phase 4: Copacking

Busy Bees Packaging also offers you the option to manage, together with you, all product packaging operations. Our 11 packaging services, benefitting from our 32 production lines, offer the flexibility needed to meet your packaging needs. We create for you a sample that will be used as a model and, after approval, we design and optimize our production lines to minimize packaging time and reduce costs. We also conduct quality control of the products upon arrival and during production to ensure complete satisfaction of your brand, resellers and customers.

The Busy Bees Packaging guarantee:

  • 29 years’ expertise in packaging products.
  • A unique packaging solution for every product.
  • Production chains always optimized for the best value.
  • Execution of all your projects according to your deadlines.